Old friends pile into the booth. I know this will be me and my lady friends in the future!

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Bad Family Photos: Aunt Stella, awkward she is in the worst way. This funny pic show a great use for toilet paper she's kept since WW II.

specs and a smoke

The Black Women *Photobooth Series* The faces of black women from the The color photos were developed using the ‘hand-tinting’ process which was a popular way to colorize black and white photos.

Photo Booth

Original Vintage photo booth snapshot photos Estate Fresh and just recently discovered measures about: 1 x 2 inches Condition: Vintage, as

I pray to God if I make to this age I have a dear friend like them. Awesome friends.

This will definitely be my best friend Melanie and I if we can make it to our elderly years. What a blessing true friendship is💜