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White Leg Horn Bantam Cockerel from Chicken Chat

From the Handsome Roosters and Hens 2013 Finalists. Tamara Staples The Magnificent Chicken White Leghorn Bantam Cock.

semplicemente bianco

Just love these Chickens, they are so Beautiful, full of color too. My Daughter & Son in law had some on their farm.

This handsome creature looks a lot like our rooster, Rocky. We hope to have chickens again soon so I was looking at "Top 10 Favourite Rare Heritage Chicken Breeds and Why!"

Top 10 Favourite Rare Heritage Chicken Breeds and Why!

Do you own chickens? If so, you are probably aware of what a rooster spur is. In the photo it shows my head rooster proudly strutting his stuff. Note the spurs sticking out the sides of his legs. Roosters have spurs for protection.