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Daily Life with Jackson (Part 2) | allkpop Meme Center

Daily Life with Jackson (Part 2)

Jackson is just the biggest sassy added bitch I've ever seen.he doesn't even care abt complaint to his CEO abt the way he replies in texts.this is JACKSON WANG everybody :-P

I carry my drink like Youngjae sometimes too

Youngjae that actually how i drink when i dont feel like lifting my arm hahaha

Seungri x Sehun es la madre de los ships que los MAMA nos ha traído.

Doesnt matter whether y'all dancing like kings or u play chess

I'm holding you to this Yongguk - please keep the members/brothers together and stay healthy yourself. BABYz will always be here for you. I'll be 50 years old and jamming to your songs still

Bap funny Zelo kpop

They were huge when they first debuted. If their company hadn't screwed them over then they'd still be riding high. Though they're doing just fine really. Sometimes a smaller fandom is healthier for everyone.

When non-fans are luckier than fans... Ungrateful turds <-- lol this comment though

When non-fans are luckier than fans. Phase 1 of severe depression start