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And the award for father of the year is... *drum roll* cut it out u already know it's Gerard Way u peasants now get the hell out of here... how did u even get into my house in the firstplace???

I know this is Gee but when i see a batman suit I think of Batman Andy Biersack😂

Remember kids

Remember kids<<< I will tell this my future kids (nah my niece and our nephew bc I'll probs be single for my life)

Yes. Once I saw some 14 year olds giving bj's to Cypress Hill backstage & I lost my ever loving mind.

And people say that MCR is hateful emo rubbish. Thank you Gerard, i love that you stand up for what i dedicate so much of my life to defending. ❤️<<< yassssssss MCR we can all join the male feminists club!

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lol I discovered mcr in 2017 and I've already read more frerard fanfics then you can imagine

WE NEED TO BE FRIENDS, hang on let me sob in the corner for a bit and then I'll talk to you aha XD<<<Will you be friends with me too? I'm hella awkward and absolute trash in too many fandoms.

Gerard why are you so precious?

"I started to cry bc they looked scary and the lead singer picked me up and started humming a tune to calm me down and that's the story of how I met My Chemical Romance and Gerard Way…" --My Chemical Romance

Quotes from the one and only, Gerard Way <3 <3 <3

I hope to marry someone like him, someone kind, gentle, caring, understanding…