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Then the author of my book is a very shitty one.

and then we write books and what if the characters in there are real too, living their own lives. and what if the people who are writing about us are also just characters in books. and holy inception

Tumblr. I know the last one isn't true but it is probably one of the most beautiful things ever!!! Or at least the idea is!

Posted for the Canadian Maple Syrup reserve post. Must add that the final one is not true.


This is one of my favorite posts ever. I'm laughing too hard at this

oh my gosh! this insane... and I hope its not true...and this sucks considering my throat and lungs burn right now for no reason

The 50 Funniest Tumblr Posts Of All Time

oh my gosh! this insane. and I hope its not true.and this sucks considering my throat and lungs burn right now for no reason (oh my mind blown)


This is kinda insulting to people who wear glasses. It makes people think your not beautiful if you wear glasses and your a weird nerd. I wear glasses and I get hateful comments like I'm a nerd.

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What even. I love the internet. But who would choose going on their phone over reading a glorious, glorious book. And the girl in the picture is reading ddiary of a part time indian (great book)

Bought This New Jacket... - http://wittybugs.com/bought-this-new-jacket/

Funny pictures about Fun New Jacket. Oh, and cool pics about Fun New Jacket. Also, Fun New Jacket photos.

Don't mess with the gods...

Disnumblr Trois

To be precise, Pluto/Hades wasn't the god of the dead, but rather the underworld. Thanatos was the God of the dead, although the he was solely Greek because the Romans didn't want to have a God who was literally death personified

The 30 Funniest Conversations You'll See On Tumblr - BuzzFeed Mobile

Funny pictures about Mind-blowing realization about mirrors. Oh, and cool pics about Mind-blowing realization about mirrors. Also, Mind-blowing realization about mirrors.

17 Movies According To Tumblr… The Hitchhiker's Guide one was the best. "That fact was not fun."

Oh my GOD, I never realised this before. Omfg the freaking horse one, I'm dying xD

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I'm sorry for the awful language but I can't even right now XD <<< Sorry for the language? If it wasn't for the language, this post wouldn't be what it is.


how is it that this show represents all fandoms perfectly? <- because Spongebob has the answers to all life's quandaries. The Tao of Spongebob!>- You are so right I realized that too, there is a Spongebob reference for everything in all fandoms.

The best was the third. Even though they mixed up KN and NE and CO and WY. But they were close besides proportions

Me: pulls out map of of America, traces map replaces map; labels map(includeds capitals, well known citys/landmarks, and highlights places I've lived). My dad's a Marien and he likes geography.