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The Other Woman movie!

The Other Woman "cry on the inside like a winner.

The Other Woman

The Other Woman Movie

Who doesn't? - love this! - I would say Florida too....I root against Florida regardless of who they play....and Auburn, and South Carolina, I think that does it.

The Blindside- "But I will not wear that gaudy orange, I will not. It is not my colour wheel and I'm not gonna wear it." That's my mama's position if I go to UT. I'm in the same boat Roll Tide.

Best part of the movie Switched

The Switch. I love this movie. Cutest kid ever. Jason Bateman isn't too bad either.

Cry on the inside .... like a winner!!! (LOVE THIS! hahahah)

Cry on the inside . like a winner! hahahah) my fav quote :)

Despicable Me.. again

Despicable Me! I love this movie and can't wait until Despicable Me 2 comes out next year!

When she pointed out the ridiculous standards set for women. | 23 Times Amy Schumer Got Way Too Real About Being A Woman

When she pointed out the ridiculous standards set for women.

Oh shit, I had 2 lunches today


My favourite film and cheesy quote-The wedding date

Hahaha  @Julie Carey Josefsberg

It’s Grease Lightning!

Coyote Ugly

Coyote Ugly

#OtherwomanSwap    #sp

All is fair in love and war -- and when you are plotting revenge

Not "The Other Woman" movie quote but her outfit

Hahaha i never realized this

How the grinch stole christmas-- One of my favorite parts!

The Proposal. Movie. Sandra Bullock. Ryan Reynolds.

The Proposal-funny movie

my thoughts exactly.

Me when I drink water

My friends and I still qoute this line everytime we see each other!

Stepbrothers is one of my favorite movies!

funniest scene of the movie "Easy A"?

"I gotta pocket, gotta pocket full of sunshine".I'm not a huge fan of this movie but I could watch this one scene 1000 times and still love it!- Easy A