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This cute chocolate lab puppy has caught himself a toy stuffed duck. This photo was probably taken right after he caught it as it hasn’t b.


I just want to go home and be with my girl...

I'm a dog girl but look at those eyes?(*^% And that cute widdle body and those flopsy ears!

c h o c o l a t e . l a b

Chocolate Lab, Train your dog to be a Diabetic Alert Dog that can help you better manage the lows and highs of your blood sugar - and ensure success in the management of your diabetes.

So in LOVE! I want a dalmation, they take me back to my childhood and watching 101 dalmations!!

Daily Awww: I heard you like dogs (36 photos)

He is soooooo cute! He is just so perfect with his colored eyes❤️ I need a puppy in my life #chocolate Labrador #MyFave I want one

chocolate lab puppy cuteness: gonna wake up to this everyday soooon! See more about chocolate lab puppies, chocolate labs and lab puppies.

Waiting for Fall

Lab is very sweet and loveable dog. He does well with all ages of people and wonderful with other dogs. He is also a future duck dog!