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Hey, time to take a selfi.but lets get real, i love the art of the background and the details of the face and coat. Someday I'll be there with my drawing

Biutyfull anime

Be afraid of no one ´cause angels stand.He heals my wounded heart. Instead of been a princess of no one ¨m hiss sweetheart.

Elise- one of the twin cherubim, a type of innocence that has their own will and act as messenger. Playful and arrogant unlike her twin Rizer.

@Nor Syafiqah

"You see me" he smiled wickedly "this will be cool" I just stood there with my mouth hanging open staring at the flying boy in front of me (Chitanda & Oreki

soralovers XXXIV - Minus

The princess did not like her lessons. They were dull, and boring, and lacked meaning.