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Cup of Tea - Print

Printed illustration A cup of tea by kerimuller on Etsy. This is so very very true, it for make everything better.

Yeppers..how this tea freak likes it..my British Mom and Nanny would throw a fit...they liked little china cups. To each their own.

how this tea freak likes it.my British Mom and Nanny would throw a fit.they liked little china cups.

I love this quote. Great addition to any English (or wanna be English) kitchen!

Tea to the English is really a picnic indoors. This is why I am proud to have english heritage, and Ukrainian, and Norwegian, and Swedish, and YOU NAME IT. But all those parts add up to theteapixie and I love picnics with tea - indoor or out!

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Tea Is Instant Wisdom . Just Add Water - Graphic Prints from Nickprints