Lego corner shop full of details

I copied some of the design features of the official Grand Emporium LEGO set as I really like it.

Menswear Shop, City Building Instructions - Brick City Depot - legos

Menswear Shop - Corner Modular Building: A LEGO® creation by Brian Lyles | Escape From Planet Monday |

Escape From Planet Monday :: Town. Named after the awesome album I was listening to while building this, and I feel that title conveys some of the mundanity in this scene.

if your A good lego builder i dare you to build this.

Here part two of my little angle of Paradise. "The well of desires".

Architecture Firm Version 2 (Modular Lego MOC)

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Lego Building #8 | My Lego Modular Building MOC. Built in th… | Flickr

My Lego Modular Building MOC. Built in the Café Corner style. Inspired by the Friends 41035 Heartlake Juice Bar.