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Deco-reciclado: Reciclado de CD´s

How to make a beaded curtain. Recicled Cd's And Dvd's Courtain - Step 4

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Do you live somewhere with lots of rainy or foggy weather? Do you have a hard time navigating your long driveway? Do you love two-step DIY projects as much as we do? Well, here you go: Turn old CDs into driveway reflectors with a microwave and a nail.

Easy DIY: Use Microwaved CDs as Driveway Markers

Creative and Awesome Do It Yourself Project Ideas ! | Just Imagine - Daily Dose of Creativity

Creative and Awesome Do It Yourself Project Ideas!

Creative DIY Garden Ideas for Decorating Inexpensively. Good idea for all those loose hub caps laying around on the road.

Andy Uprock is a street artist who’s been creating pieces using plastic cups stuck in chain link fence. He often uses 2,000+ cups in his installations which later he recycles. The idea of using cups came to him from his childhood. His friends always used to stuff drink bottles into the fence while they were […]

Cuprocking: Art On The Fence

Floating Fence Graffiti - Cuprocking is a new form of street art. Its creator, Andy Uprock, calls it “a graffiti revolution”.

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