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Anatomy Study: the Skull by saralyssan.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This is my first full-scale drawing for my effort toward understanding human structure and anatomy. I got started from a basic shading tutorial (for an . Anatomy Study: the Skull

Male Human Skull Replica by artskulls on Etsy

High Quality Skull Replica of a European Male. Accurate reproduction cast from a real Skull in Resin-Gypsum Composite with Resin Teeth and hand


The evil Death skull pears out the tribal shaped trap window wanting his revenge! I did like giving him the evil stare (evil laughs) Mwarrrhhh! Commissioned & Copy right held by Spiral Paint.

The prosthetics are the work of artist Akihito Ikeda. The model is actor Mick Ignis.

If you want your Zombie Apocalypse to channel the road-warrior Wasteland Chic - including the katana - and a dose of the Commonwealth’s favorite ghoul Hancock, this is absolutely your thing.