10 frugal Homemade Christmas Centerpieces

10 frugal Homemade Christmas Centerpieces - decorate your table at Christmas without blowing the budget with one of these DIY Centerpiece ideas.

Yesterday I shared my easy DIY Christmas Centerpiece I made for our home.  I thought it would be fun to search high and low on the internet for other Christmas Centerpiece ideas.  Whether you have the craft gene or not, I think you’ll find some fun ways to decorate this season.  One centerpiece is as …

15 Simple DIY Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

Looking for a unique way to decorate your porch for the holidays? Here are 10 DIY Christmas porch decorating ideas to inspire you.

10 DIY Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas- These homemade porch decorations will inspire you to get a running start on your outdoor decorating this Christmas.

10 Homemade Christmas Wreath Ideas

10 Homemade Christmas Wreaths- Save money by crafting your own uniquely decorated Christmas wreaths. These 10 Christmas wreath tutorials will show you how.

Glass & candle table centerpiece decor Toni Kami  Joyeux Noël  Rustic primitive Christmas

table setting-Christmas tablescape with sea salt as snow ~ brilliant on the sea salt idea! Try epsom salt to save money.

The holidays are notorious for putting people in debt. We often spend what we don’t have in the spirit of the season and decide to worry later. Not only can this have financial consequences, but it is totally unnecessary to begin with! Want to have a frugal Christmas? Here is a list of 10...

How to Have a Frugal Christmas: 10 Things You Don’t Need to Buy - Ideas for things you can MAKE instead, often with items you already have on hand.

Love this wooden box filled with Christmas goodies:  The Fancy Shack (idea for my coffee table tray) by ajct

Fill a Tray with Candles, Deer, Evergreen, Pine Cones and Christmas Ornaments - 15 Best DIY Ideas to Winterize Your Home for Christmas Simple Decoration

Christmas porch from Between Naps on the Porch blog, magnolia leaves added to store-bought live greenery

I think our old sled and a pair of ice skates may be repurposed this winter. A Whole Bunch Of Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas - Christmas Decorating -

Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

I love having a great centerpiece on the Christmas Dinner table. Here are 16 great Christmas Centerpiece Ideas!