Basically how my life was until season three came along and saved me from sitting in despair.

#SherlockLives Limited Tshirt

Glad I'm not the only one who pulls faces like these...

my pin is cooler then your pin, LIV! Hmmm, sorry not quite. (Sherlock bbc is really a show about epic facial expressions)


Benedict Cumberbatch + HIMYM: "What is the color of Benedict Cumberbatch's eyes?" "The color of the ocean after a storm.

That's it !!! That's meee

I've never been so happy to see Moriarty in my entire life than at that moment. If not for his return, Sherlock would have flown to his death. Because Mycroft is never wrong.

I think the entire Sherlock fandom became a more passive and less violent version of Moriarty<<< then they become Moriarty when somebody insults their fandom or Superwholock.

But I’m a fangirl, and I can’t be normal<-- its scientifically and physically impossible.<<<aren't normal people adorable. <<< i wouldnt know since I dont talk to normal people

One of the best written posts I have ever read

"We fell in love with the talent, not with the body: explanation of love for actors. Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston and Martin Freeman and Matt Smith - Sherlock. AND David Tennant!" WE FEEL IN LOVE WITH THEIR SOUL

Ok so people say the Sherlock fandom is crazy, and they are, but have you SEEN the AOT fandom?? Have you SEEN the gifs they make?We need season 3 but they need season 2. ... they scare me

On a scale of one to Sherlock Fandom. <--- his face in the last picture never fails to make me laugh for 5 minutes xD

Sherlock fandom, how'd you get here so fast? ^because we are always on the Internet trying to cope until season 3

Singing the song of angry men, It is the music of a fandom who will not be sane again. There is not way we will get out when the hiatus come!