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What A Great Sister

I'm totally going to do this at all four of my younger siblings graduations

@D Norman  maybe not when we first met.. But now we say it all the time

XD once again amber.hahaha i was literally just telling my friends last night about how I thought you were "dorky" when I first met you.

In magazines

Hugh Jackman ocean beach, in magazines you see the best photos, but in real life the ugly pictures they cut out, Hugh Jackman at his worst not at his best, I cannot stop laughing right now


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Funny pictures about Holiday Expectations vs. Oh, and cool pics about Holiday Expectations vs. Also, Holiday Expectations vs.

Happy (early) of July :) P.: I know Gordon Ramsay’s Scottish, it’s just that he’s so ubiquitous now in American cooking competitions. Also not trying to downplay his international culinary achievements!

10 Fresh Memes Today! #10 Wanna Have A Netflix Night?

Crap :)

Warner Bros vs Disney - Both sides have Orlando Bloom so they both win. Why choose?


Funny pictures about Zoom and enhance! Oh, and cool pics about Zoom and enhance! Also, Zoom and enhance!