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Firesafe Product Design #productdesign

The Safe Guard is a life buoy to be used by people who don’t know how to swim, but need to help rescue a drowning person.

Those were the days...

SONY solid state radio from the Pretty timeliness design. I wish they'd put it back in production. Although my SONY liv CD-alarm clock comes pretty close in design.

프리미엄 17ℓ 제습기 바람이 통하는 소통의 홀 아이덴티티

프리미엄 17ℓ 제습기바람이 통하는 소통의 홀 아이덴티티

프리미엄 17ℓ 제습기 바람이 통하는 소통의 홀 아이덴티티

Compact and powerful wireless speaker with high quality Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound. Connect in a multiroom setup with Beoplay A6, A9 and M5 via Wifi


Beoplay - a powerful and compact wireless multiroom speaker form from B&O PLAY. Buy it here


Mark Holmes: Product Designer Botta: gorgeous but not sure how the fork would work in real life.

Combining Spiral Chopsticks http://stuffyoushouldhave.com/combining-spiral-chopsticks/

Combining Spiral Chopsticks

Oki Sato of Japanese design firm, Nendo, has come up with a solution to our number one chopstick problem that has lasted for thousands of years: storage.

The Trioh! is a flashlight, emergency light, and beautiful accent light all in one

flashlight designed by Greg Hinzmann that rethinks the way flashlights look and function. It is aesthetically pleasing enough to display and functions as a soft light source when docked in the charger.