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I LUV juicy Peaches - can't wait to get some in season!

peaches ~ I bought a box at Costco today - so many yummy things to make with fresh peaches

Italian plums

The 'Blaisdon Red' plum. This lovely English fruit was, for many years, the plum of choice for commercial jam producers.

dehydrated citrus wheels

Dehydrated Citrus Wheels

Color me Citrus. Dehydrating is a great way to preserve citrus to have and use throughout the whole year! You can even decorate cakes with our Dehydrated Citrus Wheels.

Sweet juicy pears drip down your chin, lovingly nurtured you can't help but grin.


Pera William pear - A superb old variety, the fruit is large, sweet and very juicy.

Ώριμα κούμαρα, ζάχαρη και κονιάκ με την ζύμωση του ήλιου,δημιουργείστε με τον παραδοσιακό τρόπο... ιδιαίτερο λικέρ!!!

Sweet Fragrant Juicy Lychees or Litchis currently in abundance all over Thailand and at its cheapest best! Thailand is also fondly referred to as the world’s kitchen owing to its vast variety of fruits and vegetables. Delicious and juicy lychee or “