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Camp Beverly Hills clothing, 1987- I had the top on the right- why did we think this looked good?

Camp Beverly Hills- I had the pink shirt on the far right! got it from THE Camp Beverly Hills store on Rodeo Dr in the

Alyssa Milano 80s sweater and radio: I had a very similar sweater and the exact poster from Teen Beat Magazine LOL!

Leg warmers were very popular due to the fitness craze throughout the decade. This is a photo of Alyssa Milano sporting leg warmers and a colorfully patterned chunky sweater.

Loved Gitano in the 80s.

gitano ad advertisement seventeen magazine november 1987 This was MY FAVORITE look in the pastels!

Fashion in the 1980s: Clothing Styles, Trends, Pictures & History

1986 Sears Christmas Catalog first days outfits anyone? Gomez-Cortazar K Reyna Chintomby Chintomby Marcum bahena Martinez Hood yes more geometric shapes and colors. big sweaters and sweatshirts big.

Terrycloth shorts came in a rainbow of colors. The shorts were short even for the boys!!!

I spent my childhood believing that shorts had to be terrycloth with white trim.

Stone Washed Denim

Daniel Hechter, Fairweather catalogue, Fall Remember I had this skirt and this sweater firs year of high school!