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This set of chairs and small table are curved and smooth in their design. The way they fit together into a small space saving egg design gives it a soft, calm look to any outdoor or indoor living area

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Ovum Modern Brown 5 Piece Egg Shaped Wicker Patio Set from LA Furniture. Features rounded modern seat design, fabric padded seat cushion, and a round wicker table with a sturdy stainless steel base.

These are the coolest beds EVER!!!!!

Quirky, crazy and all around amazing beds. - I love the book bed and the TARDIS bed, but I'm so confused by the roller coaster ones

so much awesome:

Things that make you want to rob a bank

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18 Productos que provocarán que pases más tiempo en el suelo

Funny pictures about Epic Transformable Pad For Lazy Living. Oh, and cool pics about Epic Transformable Pad For Lazy Living. Also, Epic Transformable Pad For Lazy Living photos.

open-close. great for outdoors   -  To connect with us, and our community of people from Australia and around the world, learning how to live large in small places, visit us at www.Facebook.com/TinyHousesAustralia

Garden Egg Chair originally designed by Peter Ghyczy in 1968 for both indoor/outdoor use. It’s completely waterproof when the top is flipped down. Both the outer shell and the interior are available in a series of colors, allowing for mixing and matching.

Perfect for rooms or apartments with little space

Table folds up into picture frame when not in use

DIY pull down table. Super space saver, looks like a picture on the wall. This would be great in a small kitchen for two people, or a playroom for kids (make the picture appropriate for whatever room you’re in!) SO SMART.

Cool inventions!

Making life better one item at a time!

Cool inventions - some of these are pretty darn cool! I thought the hamper cleaner said hamster washer and cleaner:

Cuando son viajes largos en el carro esta perfecto

If you often take long road trips, make sure you are ready with an inflatable bed! It takes up very little space, inflates in minutes, and turns any back seat into a comfortable bed! So,no fear to uncomfortable car with limited space.

18 Awesome House Ideas!

18 Awesome House Ideas!

18 Awesome House Ideas These look cool EXCEPT for the sandbox office. Inside the house?