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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Animais Fantásticos e Onde Habitam: trailer do spin-off de Harry Potter

Caught in the act! (Newt and his Niffler)

Niffler <<< I could NOT stop thinking about how cute this little guy was throughout the entire movie!<<< SAME HE WAS SO CUTTTTEEEE although Pickett was adorbs

Harry Potter Fans, Prepare to Flip — the Niffler From Fantastic Beasts Exists IRL

The stars of the new Fantastic Beast movie are the animals themselves. But which magical creature are you?

niffler fantastic beast | The final 'Fantastic Beasts' trailer is so beautiful, we're crying ...

Niffler: a furry little rodent like animal that adores anything valuable and or shiny and will wreak havoc to get it by burrowing into walls, the ground, and even people's purses

See if that was me I probably would have loved a delicious cake being dropped on my head...how convenient!

I love how the actress for Mrs Mason was just like 'get it over with' it really comes across in her expression.

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I have two sisters and two brothers who are laughing at me all the time when I fall off the stairs. I mean, there are 7 people in my house and we've lived there for 11 years and no one, ever fall off stairs except.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - It’s love at first sight. He sees her and he doesn’t know if it’s just the magic in the air or there’s something about her that’s just like they were meant to be together but they’re not allowed to be together.

I loved her dress in this scene (okay, I loved everything she wore), and the giggle water scene was so funny!