City, Science, Landscape, House, Eternal Present, Community : ce sont les six mots clés choisis pour raconter l’architecture de l’immense Louis Khan au Design Museum. Surtout ne ratez pas ça.

Louis Kahn au Design Museum de Londres

Striking image of Kahn's National Assembly in Dhaka, Bangladesh, reviewed by MoMa's Barry Bergdoll: ‘‘Kahn’s skill at ennobling experience through simple materials grandly used can be sensed at his library in New Hampshire and the ruins of his Trenton Bath House. But it is in the marshy capital of Bangladesh that one of America’s greatest architectural talents can be experienced in all its force.’’  — Barry Bergdoll, chief curator of architecture and design, MoMA

The Author tore this from a New York Times Magazine many years ago, neglecting to note the name of this Louis Kahn building. No doubt she was too stunned by the photograph and the architecture to .

방글라데시에 대한 모든 것 :: 방글라데시 국회의사당, 20세기 최대의 건축 유산

방글라데시에 대한 모든 것 :: 방글라데시 국회의사당, 20세기 최대의 건축 유산