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Because you know I know you better than anyone ever has. And that scares the shit out of you.

"You scare me," he said. 'Why? "Because I tell you things I can't even tell myself." // I sincerely search for a man to spend my life with who can tell me the things he can't tell himself. That's love.

As extroverted feelers (aux Fe), INFJs' emotional satisfaction desires and requires relating. But, as intuits (dom Ni), they’re inclined to care more for principles, perspectives, and underlying psychological motivations, over subjecting themselves to the social graces and chitchat of groups and gatherings.

I'm an isfj but i feel like this is true for me too. 21 signs you're an INFJ personality type {INFJ Refuge images} - Introvert, Dear

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when my asbsence doesn't alter your life, then my presence has no meaning in it. And conversely if your absence doesn't alter me, your presence isn't needed.

Are we really that rare? I don't like to think we are, because that means most of us, however few we are, feel very lonely very much of the time. I know I do.

Okay, so apparently I am actually an INFJ. I looked up some videos on INTJ vs INFJ and sided with the INFJ more. I took the test again more slowly and thoughtfully, and I got INFJ.

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