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I'm ready for a VERY early morning walk thru the highlands. And, look, I'm wearing a great tartan blanket. Uh,  Darling, did you bring coffee? & some whisky?.............................

This reminds me of Devon and the lovely women, we were always 'wrapped' in something - rug, blanket or throw.

Scottish Tartan Fabric Hat.

Scottish Tartan hat in a beautiful, bright wool fabric. The mix of colours include red, white and blue and will certainly spice up your outfit.


Mad for Plaid

~+~+~ Ellis Island Tartan ~+~+~  Celebrates the substantial contribution of Scottish immigrants in America,  more than half a million immigrants from Scotland passed through the Ellis Island gateway from 1892 to 1954.   Blue represents the ocean that had to be crossed to reach our shores. Copper green represents the statue of liberty. Red depicts the bricks of the Ellis Island buildings and Gold represents the door that is the United States and the dawning of a new day in a new world.

~+~+~ Ellis Island Tartan ~+~+~ Celebrates the substantial contribution of…