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Christian Bale                                                                                                                         ...driving me wild

Christian Bale ...driving me wild

American Psycho (2000); Christian Bale.

Kittesencula’s reference is one of the most complete Street Culture database of photography available.

My favorite  quote. It's such an amazing quote that it's hanging up in my bedroom except it says: there is an ideas of a (my name), then the quote.  American psycho

American Psycho (by Bret Easton Ellis) - quote of the 'hero'-narrator, Patrick Bateman.

Christian Bale

The Dark Knight: Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne. I always say he would have been the perfect Christian Grey in 50 Shades and the movie would have done much better at the box office.

Christian Bale on his decision to play Batman in Batman Begins.

When he knew being Batman was the right decision. Christian Bale is my favorite Batman.

Christian Bale

The most interesting thing about Christian Bale is that he has been in different sizes over different periods of time. The Christian Bale diet has always been under scrutiny of the media for all.