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For the most part I agree with the quote, but that is because in the intervening time, by numbing yourself to one thing you numb yourself to all things, and how that manifests itself in your life and your experience of the world adds to the original pain

Nailed it...I have now found my lost self...unfortunately I lost the most important person on my selfish journey.

25 Addiction Recovery Tips and Quotes Nailed it.unfortunately I lost the most important person on my selfish journey.

I'd like to have this to hold up when necessary

Chronic Pain & Invisible Diseases -- but I am trying so hard and you don't even know. The common feeling of those with invisible illness

It is an internal pain that tears at your soul and never goes away ...

You don't know pain until you're starting at yourself in the mirror with tears streaming down your face and you're begging yourself to just hold on and be strong. That is pain.

This is so me. I love some alone-time its the best way to heal.

- Introverts heal and energize from alone time. Embrace solitude and often avoid contact with other people, even if they possess good social skills. Socializing quickly drains their energy, requiring more alone time to rejuvenate them.

Don't take a good person for granted

Don't take a good person for granted, someday someone will come along and appreciate what you didn't.

:( I wish you could read my mind sometimes.. it would be easier

No one knows your full story. No one knows the feelings you felt on those days. If you could read my mind, you would be in tears. Take the time to talk to the shy person in your life, they may be hurting more than you think.

Disorders are not adjectives

Oh I love this, so true. So many people use disorders as adjectives. Real people suffer from mental disorders; they're not a word you just throw around all the time

We remember them.for all the people and animals in my life that I have loved and lost. I will always remember.you are always in my heart. Love this quote sm.

Be proud of your achievements no matter how small or big they are ^_^ WORDS TO…

When you’re on a long journey, like I am, it is easy to minimize the progress you’ve made when you still have so far to go. I do it all the time. So today I’m going to remind myself what

Forever in my head keeping me in chains. Is there an escape?

You don't run. you confront them and face them and make them go away in the light of knowledge and truth. Just face them. They can't win if you do that. It may take awhile, but they can't win. I CANT DO THIS ~MACKENZIE

Tears are words the heart can't say

Prayers Of Peace For Sandy Hook Elementary

New Nostalgia: Of For quote, citat, wisdom, sorrow, 'Tears are words the heart can't say.

(what he would tell Daisy and anyone really)

If you are looking for a solution that will help you to cure anxiety, then you’re not alone. In fact, anxiety is a condition that a surprisingly large number of people suffer from at some poi…

Anxiety disorder: fighting and relief.

Anxiety Disorder Natural Treatments.

Mental illness quote: I know what it's like to be afraid of your own mind. damn this is a mental illness quote? then why can i relate to it so well.