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Istanbul - Blue Mosque - "Behold, Moses said to his attendant, I will not give up until I reach the junction of the two seas or (until) I spend years and years in travel.

Murad Osmann muradosmann: #followmeto the Kremlin in Moscow with @Rachel Ward. Testing the new Sony a7r camera. Built-in Wi-Fi is a great tool :).

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the Kremlin in Moscow. 30 March 2014 (the pic of the photo series by Russian Photographer, Murad Osmann)

Havana, Cuba

the 🇨🇺Havana rooftop with City is bathing in light and somewhere in a distance you can see the sleepy sea sparkling. We had to climb this rooftop somewhere in the center of the city early in the morning to get this amazing view.

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Mayon Volcano in the Philippines It is an amazingly beautiful Volcano, this time unfortunately the top was covered with clouds.

Around The World with the Photographer’s Girlfriend: Suleymanuye Mosque – Istanbul, Turkey

Walk with me - Imgur

Walk with me

Red Fort, Delhi Girl Who Leads Photographer-Boyfriend Around The World Visits India. The Photos Are Spellbinding

WEBSTA @ muradosmann - #followmeto Taj Mahal with @natalyosmann. Finding a new angle was a challenge for us... I will be honest with you -  I like this picture more than the previous one from Taj. Which one is your favourite? Thanks to our dear friend @mohitrai for coming to hotel at 5:30 a.m. and helping us with the dresses. #следуйзамной в Тадж Махал. Признаюсь вам - найти новый ракурс и переплюнуть предыдущую фото было для нас сложной задачей, но эта фотография мне нравится больше :). А…

Instagram Post by MURAD OSMANN (@muradosmann)

Photographer's girlfriend leads him around the world - Imgur

Photographer's girlfriend leads him around the world

Photo series of photographer's girlfriend leading him around the world

Love this! Girlfriend leads her boyfriend across the globe.

Girlfriend Leads Man Around the World in Breathtaking Pics

Russian Photographer Murad Osmann photography Of Girlfriend Leading Him By The Hand Around The World.

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Marrakech lamp store (photo series by Russian Photographer, Murad Osmann)

#followmeto Petra Monastery with @Natalyosmann.  #следуйзамной к монастырю в городе Петра. В это воскресенье в 10:10 на…

Petra Monastery (the photo series by Russian Photographer, Murad Osmann)



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the Moscow Cathedral Mosque (the photo series by Russian Photographer, Murad Osmann)