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I totally sang this in my head XD

I HAVE thought about this before... Hm... Hunger games humor / Funny

Well, there's wow technology in the Capitol, like the observation Katniss made about none of the male tributes growing facial hair ( they must have done something to them) so they probably have some kind of pill or medicine for periods

Hunger Games Pick up Lines

Funny pictures about Hunger Games pick-up lines. Oh, and cool pics about Hunger Games pick-up lines. Also, Hunger Games pick-up lines.


I was waiting for this intense scene. It showed her vulnerability for Peeta. (Never read the books but I'm disappointed they left this out!

I am crying so hard. "You were my angel on earth, that had to go back to Heaven a bit too soon.


OooooooOOOOOOooooh :D I don't watch/read the Hunger Games stuff, and this would be funny

Exactly how I felt when I heard the song!

Ok so my sister is on catching fire and she listened to the pop version and was singing it so as a good sister I shoved the book in her face, showed her the song chapter and the meaning then showed her the movie j law singing it.

False. I will never make such an impossible promise. Instead, I will cover myself in "warning!! Flash floods!!" labels and be sure everyone near me has an inflatable life raft.

It is really sad how true this is. At Catching Fire, I started crying right after it started.