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How Not to Let your Airedale Terrier Own You

How Not to Let Your Airedale Terrier Own You

So you have decided to get an Airedale Terrier? You are going to have your hands full. Having an Airedale around stands much of the conventional dog training advice on its head. After having had three of them, it is a promise.

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Welsh Terrier - Pictures, Information, Temperament ...

A trio of Welsh Terriers in the snow. Although they look similar to the Airedale Terrier, don't be mistaken - they are a breed of their own!

Airedale Terrier . . . My Airedale was a Christmas surprise . . . THE BEST GIFT EVER

The beautiful face of an Airedale Terrier , wow can you not love the sweet face and eyes of the most wonderful dog in the world

Welsh Terrier puppy!!  So cute with the black hair on the face which eventually fades away. pammorr

So cute with the black hair on the face which eventually fades away. welsh-terriers-and-other-earth-dogs

Airedale Terrier by Nico Verkest, via 500px

Oh my gawd, an Airedale! We "went through" two of these beautiful dogs when I was a kid. They are SUPER smart! The king of the terriers! Love them! Agreed - nothing like an Airedale


The picture is capturing a Boston Terrier Dog who's totally in heaven for having the rights of sleeping with all of the cookies. Look at this dog in heaven.