This plant comes in a 2 3/4 inch pot You will receive a very similar plant to…

Euphorbia suzzanae

Euphorbia susannae - Suzanne's Spurge is a small clumping or (rarely) solitary succulent plant, that forms nice hemispherical clumps up to.

Entre flores: Glottiphyllum

Other Plants, Seeds & Bulbs - 5 Glottiphyllum depressum Seeds - Tongue Plant - Indigenous South African Mesemb Succulent Seeds was listed for on 19 Nov at by Seeds and All in Port Elizabeth


100 Aloe Polyphylla Seed Succulent Spiraling Vera Cactus Rare Exotic Plant Gardening Home Decor DIY Heirloom Rare Exotic

Cactus Cake - Buttercream cake from Colette Peters book

Amazing cactus cake - Spines made of royal icing piped into lines and allowed to dry, then broken and stuck in cake. This cake used a round cake pan.

aeonium glandulosum - Fique a conhecer as nossas dicas de jardinagem em:

Stars SoCal Succulents and Cactus: Aeoniums and Echeveria setosa -- tough guys

Любование суккулентами. Часть 15 — Солнечный свет

A stylish and vibrant succulent showing off how well green and purple go together!