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Rocket hates the Dark, so he keeps a jar of Groot's glowing spores by his bed at night.<<<<so he’s hoarding his sperm?

... I want to be an Avenger now.... Please?

blandmarvelheadcanons: “ Black Cat has sent several memos around S.D for the person or persons involved to stop sending her catnip and yarn ” It’s Deadpool

“ Natasha teaches a self defense class to women and also volunteers to man a phone at a domestic violence hotline whenever she gets the chance. ”

(Bland Marvel Headcanons) Even though I actually ship Lokane, I could go with this.--> Yes, Loki and Darcy!

Hawkeye and Falcon once disappeared for a week and then returned with an actual hawk and falcon. Tony tried to ban pets in the Tower after Steve and Bucky bought 7 dogs and cats, but secretly really enjoys spending time with his parrot. Only Pepper, Natasha and Maria know about the spider colony in the air ducts

Definitely also headcanon that as Deadpool-y as he is, he's worthy to Mjolnir because of stuff like THIS.<<<<Headcanon has been accepted and spreading of the news needs to commence now

I love hearing and reading Loki being a good brother ((<<same here. I just eant those two to be brothers, no matter what! I just want it all to be good!))

Tony, Rogue and Clint all prefer plain apple pie (Rogue has cheese with hers), Nat and Bruce love tart rhubarb and raspberry, Steve prefers warm peach pie with ice cream. Bucky’s favourite is a sour cream and raisin pie that Pepper once made from her.

Hell it could be his theme song.

Bland Marvel Headcanons << this definitely makes sense with how Bucky and Steve acted in civil war (movie) in the fight scene with Tony

Yeah. I'm pretty certain Heimdol knows Loki is on the throne which means that he is basically okay with him usurping the Allfather... Me too Heimdol, me too.

I'm pretty certain Heimdall knows Loki is on the throne which means that he is basically okay with him usurping the Allfather. Me too Heimdall, me too.