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Omg! I laughed too hard at this!!

Pinning because it made me laugh and reminded me of Hetalia. Because apparently, America meeds to get to a thousand to have an A on a spelt number. America just hates to lose.

Jackie Chan - The World's Cheeriest Badass

Jackie Chan – The World's Cheeriest Badass

You aren’t a real nerd…

Why the "fake-geek-girl" meme needs to die (and how men can be hurt by the patriarcal bulls**t). Well done, gentlemen!

10 Friends Memes! #6 Friends Know How To Have Fun

"Men don't get embarrassed about tampons. Boys get embarrassed about tampons."

Excuse me, I'm laughing quietly to myself because there are people I don't know in the living room<<<< im laughing quietly bc ppl dont realize that this is hetalia fanart

Tumblr comment replies.  I'm torn between hilarity and being disgusted with some people!

Tumblr comment replies

I'll take a Benedict Cumberbatch, a Martin Freeman, the whole of Doctor Who, and a Tom Hiddleston *proceeds to rant and cry about how they've ruined my life*

Pay in feels that's how I plan to pay for Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, David Tennant, and so many other things.

What Happens When You Draw USA From Memory…

Me: pulls out map of of America, traces map replaces map; labels map(includeds capitals, well known citys/landmarks, and highlights places I've lived). My dad's a Marien and he likes geography.

Tumblr Stuff #11

Meme Center - Largest Creative Humor Community

Just got slapped by my childhood

PART I HAVE NO IDEA ANYMORE (short because i've been busy)

MY LIFE IS A LIE. --> i thought they were earrings but since they worked better on my face i had pretend facial piercings.who knew. -----> lol I had these as a kid this brings back memories

#7 .. i cried hahahaha

Tumblr Stuff #35

The way Americans think about Canada is hilarious. Any of you Americans have any question about Canada?

That explains Patrick stump!

Funny pictures about Fedoras are dangerous. Oh, and cool pics about Fedoras are dangerous. Also, Fedoras are dangerous.

Wow ok I have a favourite angel now

I constanly want to call on her

Anabiel>>> Know I know, if I was a demigod, she would be my godly parent.<<< And for that, Anabiel shall come for you