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bay pintaloosa - Appaloosa Clydesdale Paint Horse gelding Claymore Love love love this horse!

Unusual markings...... - photo posted by ImaRichTxsSugar, via myhorseforum, Rare-colored-horses thread, page 317  (7/20/13)

- photo posted by ImaRichTxsSugar, via myhorseforum, like a snowflake paint Rare-colored-horses thread, page 317

A very rare bay pinto Hackney yearling filly, CMS Gypsy Queen. This beauty is is owned by Willow Grove. Find out more here: http://www.willowgroveidaho.com

A very rare bay pinto Hackney yearling filly, CMS Gypsy Queen. This beauty is is owned by Willow Grove.

Grulla Frame Overo.

Fox Creek Farm Beauty, Charm and Color are all traits, this rare overo grulla stallion passes onto his foals. He is positive for the overo--frame and sabino-- genes. His bloodlines trace back to Leo , Three Bars and Sonny Dee Bar.

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And one last one for toady, I promise :p This mare is listed as registered AMHR but no name listed and no reference to colour. The mare her self is a.

Mangalarga Marchador 4. El barón Junqueira vendió algunos ejemplares a un amigo para su finca Mangalarga, de donde tomó el nombre. Todos los criadores se han fijado en conseguir las dos ambladuras típicas de esta raza, que son hereditarias. Ha habido escisiones entre los criadores que buscaban objetivos diferentes, aunque la tendencia ahora es unificar criterios.

Mangalarga Marchador — a gaited horse of central eastern Brazil developed from Iberian Lusitanos crossed with eastern Barbs.

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Lavrador, buckskin Puro Sangue Lusitano stallion trotting with head low. Look at that color, with shiny dapples too.

Ike Domestic warmblood? 1/2 swedish warmblood 1/4 percheron 1/4 quarter horse brookstonefarms.com:

This colt is a cross of Swedish Warmblood, Percheron Quarter Horse. His name is "Ike." He exhibits amazing Silver Dapple Coloring! In this photo, Ike was only 11 weeks old & his coat will continue to darken. Ike was born on

SHOWLINE ROMEO --STUD FOR THE TIGER HORSE BREED --Tiger horses are gaited, spotted horses with a coat color much like the Appaloosa. The tiger horse can exhibit various ambling gaits including various lateral gaits called the "glider gait" or Indian shuffle, stepping pace, and running walk, as well as the diagonal fox trot. Registered horses must exhibit gaits without artificial aids and while flat-shod.

The Appaloosa Patterned Gaited Horse (APGH). Tiger Horse (Can exhibit various ambling gaits, and has a coat pattern much like an Appaloosa)