Solar rope lights in the garden. I LOVE this idea, it can be used in a number of of different uses in the yard, high lighting the path to the front and back doors. lighting up the gazebo (or any focus point in your yard that will make a comfortable area to sit and relax for the day) at night for mood lighting on warm nights

I said this to my Algebra Teacher once, she did not get it. That's okay, I didn't get Algebra either. My Geometry teacher had a far better sense of humor. Algebra never make sense until after I took Geometry any way.

You can spot a cell phone smuggler a mile away. | 31 Signs You’ve Been A Teacher Too Long

Teacher humor -Dear Students, I know when you're texting in class. Seriously, no one just looks down at their crotch and smiles. Sincerely, Your Teacher.

For the math teacher with a sense of humor.

Too much pi gives you a large circumference. Is it too much pi or too much pie? Either way when you have too much of it's going to give you a big circumference! Funny gift t-shirt shirt or tee.

Love is like a fart... Hahaha!! Im dying!

Love is like a fart if you have to force it it's probably crap Tom Hanks Movie as Forest Gump Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're going to get.

Pi jokes never get old...happy life day!!! SO HER!!!My Burden ❤~ Dre

Pi Day - coming up

Do you know what Pi Day is? If you do, welcome to geekdom 🙂 For those non-nerds, you may remember that the number “pi” is (and on and on) and so math-types like to celebrate Pi on March – you know, – – get it?

This is the most INTP thing I've ever seen

Are you on fire? Hows it going? What are you working on? Do dolphins sleep? Funniest guy at work. Actually we'll all know if it's the second coming.

husbands favorite pool joke. . .

The summer of when we lived at LOW apartments while our house was being built, this sign was at the pool. The boys thought it was hilarious!

Pee Wee Herman's recent Twitter status.

Bob's Rainbows: One Man's Magical Breathing

I was addicted to the hokey pokey, but I turned myself around. THAT IS SO FUNNY . If you don't know what the Hokey Pokey is ask an Older Person

Jokes That Are So Stupid... They Actually Become Funny

Jokes that are ridiculously stupid you can't help but laugh. If you ever get cold, just stand in a corner for a bit. They're usually around 90 degrees.

How did the Hipster burn his tongue? He sipped his coffee before it was cool. hipster: A coffe shop sign


Awesome sign in front of coffee shop. Unattended children will be given Espresso And a Free Kitten - funny sign - Cat memes - kitty cat humor funny joke gato chat captions feline laugh photo

Adorable and funny but... I hate to be pedantic, but I think it's a sea lion if it has ears, right?

Seals are just Dog Mermaids. Think about it. Well, let's see, my childhood is ruined, everything I thought I knew about life and animals.

Tit for Tat!!! Kids are too funny!

Funny pictures about Hamster For Barbie. Oh, and cool pics about Hamster For Barbie. Also, Hamster For Barbie photos.

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Funny pictures about Save energy. Oh, and cool pics about Save energy. Also, Save energy photos.