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Cambria Pet Bowl & Stand

Cambria Pet Bowl & Stand - Ordered the stone smaller bowls & stand didn't think GiGi would be able to drink out of the larger one.

Cambria Pet Bowls from Pottery Barn

Cambria Pet Bowls from Pottery Barn- need to be styled for kitty! I raise my girl's bowls for her now due to arthritis.

Just found this Raised Mission Style Dog Feeders - Dog Bowls - Wrought%26%23150%3bIron Mission-Style Feeder -- Orvis UK on Orvis.com!

Wrought Iron Raised Mission-style Dog Feeders/Dog Bowls - contemporary - pet accessories - The Orvis Company

cut circles in a wooden stool for the "short" doggie!!

DIY dog food stand, I like this better than some of the other options because I have 3 dogs and can make more than one bowl stand.

Tazones plegables y ajustables para mascotas: | 25 productos ingeniosos que te harán ahorrar mucho espacio

Collapsible and adjustable pet bowls. 25 Ingenious Products That Will Save You So Much Space

Keep pet food in clean metal garbage cans with tight fitting lids

Pet-Food Tins

Help pets loose weight --- The veterinarian who looks after Marthas pets, Dr. Marty Goldstein, explains how to prevent your pet from being overweight.

A doggie diner fit for the king of the house. A Detroit dream home and a family treasure

A doggie diner fit for the king of the house. A Detroit dream home and a family treasure my dream dog is a golden retriever or a black lab and im sooooo doing this for them

Spray paint metal popcorn tin and label with vinyl to organize toys. Leave top off for storing wrapping paper?

DIY Dog Food Tin

DIY Pet Food Canister & Pedigree Dog Food posted by TidyMom: "You know those popcorn tins you get at Christmas? You can wash them out, paint them and decorate with some vinyl and fill with your dog or cat food!

Pet Bowls, 6"x2" , Pottery Pet Bowls, Dog Bowls, Cat, Food and Water Bowls, Pottery, Handmade Pottery, Wheel Thrown Pottery, Ready to Ship by ShawnaPiercePottery on Etsy

Pet Bowls Pottery Pet Bowls Dog Bowls by ShawnaPiercePottery Make one for Sasha and Nox

Cleaned and rearranged furniture!

The ultimate dog room. I, personally, think that a dog room has to have a human bed or a human lounge to keep the dog really happy.