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Steampunk gun diy

Tesla Western Steampunk Pistol by *ajldesign on deviantART - Conform an old western pistol into a steampunk laser gun

This Train Runs on Tune-Sonny Dalton (sculpture) ~Steampunk Love •❀•From Airship Commander HG Havisham-

Made by renowned artist, Sonny Dalton // Remembers me of Villa Lobos' O Trenzinho do Caipira The title refers to the local trains in the small communities of the Brazilian interior, the noises of which are imitated in the composition.

Steampunk Audio

High end audio audiophile Boiler Speakers: Streaming Tunes in a Steampunk Style vacuum tube

A Steampunk Camera by ~Poseidonadventurer on deviantART

This is a camera that I built out of a coathanger, some extra gears, a miniature boiler, and a heck of a lot of little leather pieces. I origionally too. A Steampunk Camera

Steampunk Photoshop Icon MkIV

Steampunk camera - wonder if the metal dish refelctor could be achieved with a small lightweight plate and hot glue. Could work as a reflector for a lamp too?