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Tell me who the monster is and always was ---the girls that judged her...... this made me cry

I knew when I saw the long cliff I thought crap what happened but when I saw the splat. My eyes widened and my heart melted. We need to stop bullying.>>this really got me thinking, it's so sad.

A pic is worth a 1000 words

this it makes me so happy!--Did the sad kid remind anyone of Nico? << He looked like Percy and acted like nico what does this mean agh! But it's absolutely perfect


Most adults forget or block it out. As a kid, I would force myself to remember specific painful parts of childhood, so that I would remember to be gentle and understanding with children when I became an adult.

Me sometimes kinda most

i am not afraid to die, i think that i am afraid to live because then everything i have and am will change.but maybe not. << I am not afraid to die but I am afraid of the pain that comes before it


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Fuck yeah...

I can't even walk past a mirror without thinking about how fucking disgusting I am.


depressioncomix: “depression comix - 235 - View Site - View Patreon ” I didn’t write a commentary for this last week but now’s as good a time as any. This is basically whenever I went out.