Campanitas pretty danger

Jovellana violacea is an unusual rarity from Chile with colorful sprays of happy little flowers! The plant doesn’t have a common name, so i named it the violet Teacup Flower

TRICHOSANTHES CUCUMERINA é uma videira tropical ou subtropical. Sua flor só abre depois de escurecer. Seu fruto pode chegar a 1.50m e é semelhante a uma cabaça, sendo o mais popular na cozinha do sul e sudeste da Ásia.Os brotos, gavinhas e folhas também são consumidos como verduras.

The Serpent Gourd flower (Trichosanthes cucumerina). T cucumerina is a tropical or subtropical vine that blooms at night. The gourd is popular in Southern India and Southeast Asia.

Camelia japonica'perfeição de villar

Camellia "Pink Perfection" So beautiful.

African Daisy

African daisy, beautiful for the garden!

Gorgeous Flower ...

~~Pretty Flower ~ "London Pride" Saxifraga urbium by Gale's Photographs~~ Isn't this flower of nature unbelievable?


Flower of Fuchsia plant--look like ballerinas:):):) Some people call these plants Fairy Earrings:):):)

Coral Reef Poppies | via

Coral Reef Poppies | via

Diuris corymbosa - West Australian orchid

Diuris corymbosa ~ West Australian orchid - Flowers And Gardens

Portulaca (verdolaga bicolor)....I plant these every year.  I love them.  So pretty!

~verdolaga bicolor / two-colored Portulaca. Portulaca is sun loving and grows well in hot direct sunlight up to 100 degrees F. Cut a stem, plant in potting soil and it will re-root.


Cymbidium orchids my prom flower