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...and remember.

Run you clever Boy, and Remember. Run You Clever Boy and Be a Doctor.

Saw both these episodes today

Go poke it with a stick. (Insert supernatural gif) Dude you're not gonna poke her with a stick!

I will always repin this. It explains so much about each regenerations character

Doctor Who~ this so true! David Tenant is my fav! Which doctor is your favorite!

One of my single most favorite quotes from Dr. Who

26 Reasons "Doctor Who" Fans Are The Best

I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes. The dream of improbably dreams. --Thinking of getting "Dreamer" as a tattoo on my wrist. If my wrist were bigger I would consider "Optimist, Hoper, Dreamer"

Goodbye Raggedy Man Fan art of Doctor Who, capturing the scene in “The Angels take Manhattan” where the Doctor and Amy say their goodbyes.

Enjoy dining on the distraught tears of Whovians?Doctor Who - Goodbye Raggedy Man - T-Shirt. This episode made me SOOOOO SAD ;

Let's all hope they don't team up

Let's all hope they don't team up

imagine all of those aliens and you in one room. you can't blink, breathe, think, or remember they are there. And since you can't remember to not do all these things.

Ooo cake.

Doesn't cake make everybody feel better. Not even the doctor can resist the power of cake.

Best line from doctor who season finally. I'll miss you Matt Smith

I totally love River Song. River Song, a psychopath engineered to kill the Doctor who totally married her :)

Miss Clara?  For an all new Impossible Girl story visit!

Doctor Who Official on

The XV Doctor remembers...

The Doctor, Amy, and Rory Fanart [This is so sad. :'( ] Cause you know my heart doesn't hurt enough

Doctor Who - The Silence

This is actually a little scary since I've experienced almost all of the things listed. <-- or when you trip over thin air.

Well he also quoted the lion king...

Or did toy story quote the doctor? <<< technically toy story quoted doctor who because at the point in history when that episode happened was before toy story was out. <<< unless the doctor watched toy story and then went back in time to quote it.

What're you gonna do, moisturize me?

Doctor Who soap/lotion dispenser. Not sure if I should put this on my home decor or humor board, because all of it is amazing.<<<Doctor Who board lol.