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Can someone please explain why the small, old Asian lady is giving Tom Hiddleston a tittie twister?

O_O⚔<<  this is really accurate and I don't know why

Pooh, she/her. Occasionally I make edits and sometimes they're so unpopular that I delete them in embarrassment.

„Bereust du es, das du her gekommen bist?" murmelte ich

Sub- Unterwürfig (LOKI Fanfic) - 4

i am literally speechless

tom hiddleston Chris Hemsworth Thor not my gif Marvel loki hiddles Loki Laufeyson thor 2 hiddlestoners

Thor: The Dark World // Loki - "Oh, man...."

Loki ((Winter means long, *long* nights in a truck for me…and playing with this guy’s face is the best therapy for my rapidly escalating winter blues.

Tumblr, Tea and Tom... That's all I need

Ok this is a serious issue that Tom Hiddleston could be a serial killer and still be the most attractive man to ever step foot on this planet<<< mostly just for that comment but the eyebrow thing is super hot.