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Inspirational Design Posters for Designers

I feel that! :p

I am a designer not a fucking screwdriver.* * a global message to all clients around the world that a designer is not a mere tool to execute their ugly ideas

love it. Font Problems Art Print

If you’re having fonts problems I feel bad for you. - “ If you’re having fonts problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 fonts but Comic Sans ain’t one. ” dammmien: “ Jay-Z no se equivoca / Jay-Z it’s never wrong ”

Inkredible Art is a Sydney based design agency specialising in graphic design, web, branding and advertising. Our team is a mix of design, branding and.

This quote hits the nail on the head: Branding is what people say about you when you are not in the room. What does your brand say about you?

All designers need a little inspiration from time to time. So it’s lucky for us that there are thousands of designers, educators, philosophers, writers, and b

101 inspirational quotes for designers

Confessions of a Designer posters. I have seriously thought every single thing on each of these posters at least once.

to all of those people that say "psh, i could do that." when scowling at a Pollock painting.

If you think it's that simple, then do it yourself. Confessions of a Designer by Anneke Short, via Behance

Wouldnt it be great to master a profession where you loved what you did, and could make other people feel better? Enroll now at The Sunshine Coast Academy Of Hairdressing to start your career Visit www.scah.qld.edu.au Call 07 54 555 158

Quote by TabathaCoffey. This is why I'm in beauty school its a beautiful feeling that you made your clients feel great about themselves! This not only applies to hair dressers, but nail techs and estheticians as well!

Hilarious Graphic Design Pun Cards

Hilarious Graphic Design Pun Cards

I love this!

There's a word for those with the audacity to think they can make this great, big world a more beautiful place one person at a time.