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Incomplete history of yoga chart 3000 x 3333

Third Installment of the Overly Brief and Incomplete History of Yoga

Why Do Pranayama? The air around us is what connects the whole world. This is a really great article.

Kripalu - The Cutting Edge of Trauma Treatment: Healing Through the Body

Mayo Clinic Diet Plan – The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

The Mayo Clinic Diet – The Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss

Tim Ferrisss Slow Carb Diet - no white carbs six days per week - eat the same few meals repeatedly - dont drink calories - no fruit (for sugar) - take a day off per week stuff-dr-oz-wants-me-to-do

superbrain yoga; how to improve memory mental clarity and focus

SuperBrain Yoga has caught on in California because it’s easy, effective, and needed. It provides an easy and inexpensive way for anyone to improve memory, mental clarity and focus, and it even assists those with debilitating mental disorders.

child yoga- to help jazen grow and be flexible:)

child yoga- to help jazen grow and be flexible:)

Need to learn this! Amazing!  That's serious upper-body strength and most importantly, a clear enough mind to concentrate on the position.

tightdress-temptress: “ health-is-wealthh: “ how do people even? ” … i just- nope. Can’t comprehend. ” How is is that EVERYONE in this class has mastered this pose? It was our Pose of the Month once.

Águila, estirando...

Garudasana Eagle Pose BENEFITS — Strengthens and stretches the ankles and calves — Stretches the thighs, hips, shoulders, and upper back — Improves concentration — Improves sense of balance © Leslie Kaminoff's Yoga Anatomy