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Truth. Not to say that organized religion is any less valid, or that a witch can't be a member of one. Just generally speaking, these religions are limiting by their very nature, minimizing the power we humans have over our own destinies.

This is not fully my point of view but I do believe this religion known as Wiccan/witchcraft is evil it is a way of life and it is not the worst religion out Their that's for chiz.

An it harm none<3Ever mind the rule of three what you send out returns to thee.

✯ Seven Beliefs for Manifesting Real Magic ✯Postive thoughts , Postive Prayer, Grateful Heart

Pray for me & I'll dance naked for you

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Prayer. Sure, you can pray for me and I'll dance naked in the forest for you.


)O(Paganism is about keeping balance with nature.we are earthlings and that is our key to a happy, fulfilling life.

Dr. Suess used to draw political cartoons as well

Dr. Seuss used to draw political cartoons as well