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Edvard IV av England, en av huset Yorks söner som kämpat sig till kronan. Farfar till Henrik VIII. Är i boken Wolf Hall död sedan länge.

Edward IV - King from 1461 - 1470 and 1471 - Fought against his cousin, Henry VI, in the War of the Roses. He again had to fight his cousin when Margaret of Anjou invaded in but beat them again a year later.

At 11pm on Saturday 21st April 1509, the fifty-two year-old King Henry VII died at Richmond Palace, ending his 23 year reign. His second son, the seventeen year-old Prince Henry, acceded to the throne and became King Henry VIII. He was crowned king on 24th June 1509 in a joint coronation with his new bride, Catherine of Aragon.  I believe he, Henry VII, ordered the deaths of the princes in the tower; just saying.

as a young boy. Henry was the second monarch of the Tudor dynasty, succeeding his father, Henry VII.(who was the first monarch of Tudor dynasty)

Mary Tudor, Henry VIII's younger sister was known as one of the most beautiful princesses in Europe. She also had the trademark red hair of the Tudors.  When she married the King of France, the Ambassador from Venice described her as " a Paradise - tall, slender, grey-eyed, possessing an extreme pallor". She wore her glorious silken red-gold hair flowing loose to her waist.  She and her brother Henry were close as children, and he named his daughter Mary after her.

Jean Perréal (French artist, c MaryTudor Princess of England, Queen of France

Richard III vs Henry VII Propaganda Wars. The Yorkists vs the Lancastrians in the Wars of the Roses. Slander and spin came from both opposing sides trying to justify a king on their side of the family tree.

The Propaganda Wars. Richard III vs Henry VII, The Yorkists vs the Lancastrians during the Wars of the Roses. Sort thru fact, fiction, slander and spin, emanating from both opposing sides trying to justify their king.

Charles VIII, called the Affable, French: l'Affable (30 June 1470 – 7 April 1498), was a monarch of the House of Valois who ruled as King of France from 1483 to his death in 1498. He succeeded his father Louis XI at the age of 13. His elder sister Anne of France acted as regent

Charles VIII King of France Reign 30 August 1483 – 7 April 1498 Coronation

Cecily Neville Plantagenet.  Mother of King Edward IV, my 16X great grandmother.

Daughter of Sir Ralph de Neville, Earl of Westmorland and Joan de Beaufort. Granddaughter of Sir John de Neville and.

A legendary beauty, Elizabeth Woodville was the first child of Sir Richard Woodville (later the first Earl Rivers) and Jaquetta of Luxembourg. She was a maid of honour to Margaret of Anjou. Her first marriage was to Sir John Grey of Groby (died in battle 1461). She secretly married King Edward IV of England in April 1464, and was crowned Queen in May 1465. My 15th great grandmother.

Where the Tudor Red-Gold Hair came from

Elizabeth Woodville c.Wallpaper and background photos of Elizabeth Woodville, Queen Consort of Edward IV of England for fans of Kings and Queens images.

Catalina of Lancaster

Catherine of Lancaster* March 1373 – Daughter of John of Gaunt Plantagenet and Infanta Constance of Castile and Leon. Catherine was Queen of Castile as the wife of King Henry III of Castile.

Elizabeth Woodville

Elizabeth Woodville - – Queen consort of King Edward IV during the Wars of the Roses; mother of Elizabeth of York (who became the Queen Consort of King Henry VII, the first Tudor queen and mother of Henry VIII); and mother of the 2 Princes in the Tower.

Edward IV (1442-1483) | Royal Collection Trust

Edward IV This is a copy deriving from RCIN 403435 which was probably created in the late sixteenth century. Provenance Probably acquired by Queen Caroline from Lord Cornwallis. First recorded in the Royal Collection at Kensington in

Max Irons | The White Queen

The White Queen (Rebecca Ferguson, Max Irons as Elizabeth Woodville and King Edward IV of England)