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This marine is awesome! Semper Fi I'm not really religious, but damn. Go Marine

"Marine Todd" Is an Awesomely Stupid Right-Wing Meme That Got Hijacked


Why sleep when you can meme?

I might have cried when I saw the dead soldier. Also not supporting the to last pictures choice of words.

Marine Corps.......One shot...one kill !!!! Don't run you'll just die tired !!!!

US Marine Snipers - as well as all US Military Branch Snipers are masters at the art of hiding in plain sight. They also now have real time invisiblty cloaking equipment.

Schindler's List; A Very Good Example Of The Horrific Results of Gun Control ~@guntotingkafir GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

Quote of the Day: I saw a movie where only the police and military had guns. it was called SHINDLER'S LIST

There Are Some Things You Just Can't Argue With - Caveman Circus | Caveman Circus

Photo: Daddy all the way! Rest in Peace Spl 4 Everett L. I Love and Miss You Daddy!///// God bless your Day! Also I bless my dear brother Tommy, who died in 1968 in Vietnam.

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Love Our Marines! And so, the Taliban find out, the Hard Way, that Allah DOES abandon his warriors.

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How they look

The bottom picture is either a drone cam or a fighter jet cam, lol, they are about to go somewhere.


I disagree with number I'd call in naval gunfire to level a 5 mile radius if there's a sniper in there

Band of Bros demotivator 1 by ZombieKiller1357 on DeviantArt

MILITARY HUMOR: Murphy's law of combat - Military humor/Navy Seals rules. take a minute to enjoy

I always copy the guy wearing a PT belt. That guy is squared away as f*ck.

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