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DIY - How to Make: Doll UGG Boots - Winter - Holiday - Craft - 4K

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Reminds me of Alice. Makes me wonder if she would explore the city while studying and evading any hostile inhabitants

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all my recommendations are filled w circle nikki now, cuz i saved all of them cuz i liked their clothes and i wanted to use them as a reference

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almost exact uniform {a little different} no hat mine is chic ~no strap, the 'gun' is a little different, plus a more modern earpiece {includes the pattern on her tights and skirt} ~ 5 weapons

Warm cartoon people around the world set up a "glow beads" Set Costume larger HD

ngoi sao thoi trang

Princess of the earth clan. She's more into fashion than serving the roles of an elemental clan. She would even sometimes get in trouble for using the earth to further expand her wardrobe when the mother isn't watching.