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RA:like idea, but bigger, to become the phoenix with the wings spreading to the arms allowing for more phoenix body on center torso, with long elegant tail feathers extending down back legs and feet. full back phoenix tattoo design with very vivid color

the Phoenix should make the greatest symbol for fibromyalgia.  In reality, we burn our previous life to become a Fibromyalgiac.  It is a violent change, but we are still very beautiful.

The Mythological Bird Phoenix. A mythical bird that never dies. From the ashes a new one rises.

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Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a vibrant Mexican holiday full of colorful images celebrating the dead. As the popularity of the festival has grown so has the popularity of Day of the Dead tattoos.

You set my soul on fire.. Yet it never hurt me... Your caress was a lick of flame travailing against my skin ... You made me burn with in and yet the whispered words gentled it to a slow smoldering... This is the price and the sacrifice I'd gladly pay... To once again have and feel this way... Peaceful Blessings BY Awaikeena Winddancer Rainwolf (aka me)

[Element of fire/Divine Feminine/subconscious mind?within males & females alike.

40 New Phoenix Tattoo Designs For 2016 - Bored Art

40 New Phoenix Tattoo Designs For 2016