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Just wanna point out that Angelica looks like she's about to murder someone

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arieryn: all the people at the grammys are hamiltrash holy shit

Except that Lin DOES NOT break character and it's perfect. It literally takes 10 seconds and the applause is still rambling. Lin just keeps going until the audience hushes down. It's a beautiful moment.

Hamiltrash - I love thsi - Wattpad

Hamiltrash - I love thsi

Did the Hamilton fandom create this meme? Please tell me because it's made its way to the Undertale fandom<<< wat how did Hamilton end up in undertale. But this is just a thing they make into other fandom's.

When your best friend says you're Eliza

I try and explain to people the importance of the motifs and the characters musical phrases and everyone's like, "what?

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Anime AU’s dead I’m sorry because a lot of people got offended and they were kinda right so I try it with something different… JUST LET ME HAVE FUN If you have headcanons for that pls send me I’d love.