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Me and BTS #funny

Well so far it's continuing into their new album "Wings"' teaser

I've already pinned this but I will never not pin it. Its great. XD.  It makes me happy.  XD

Gives me hope. Tho i'm like 100 years younger, an ocean away, will never meet him, and don't k how to speak korean.


jimin telling on hobi - he's such an angel he's still smiling sweetly while beating Jimin's ass.

BTS Jungkook

T~T me too Jungkook. I think also because the lyrics are heartbreaking. But yas it's so good TT

suga is just too fabulous <3

suga is just too fabulous That's just my perfect husband type

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They actually have to force other members to go into the water XD


THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I USE BODYWASH! Because this is what I literally think about when it comes to soaps. I live with 8 other people in my house. That's why ever since I gained the ability to buy my own shit I've been using bodywash