I want to play!

I want to play! this cute baby clouded leopard was recently brought to the San Diego Zoo

PHOTOS: Giraffes, Camels, Baby Gorillas And More Animal Pictures

PHOTOS: Giraffes, Camels, Baby Gorillas And More Animal Pictures

Three white tiger cubs are seen on January 2013 at the Serengeti wildlife park in Hodenhagen, central Germany. Four white tiger cubs were born at the park in October four white lion cubs were born in November also at the park.

Christoper Meloni. Coming to True Blood. Happy Mel.

Christoper Meloni, my favorite man on tv

Black Panther and leopard cub

Ali Jarekji/REUTERS at the Jordan Zoo; jaguar mom Lolo enjoying a good wrestle (and occasional nibble) from her newborn cub. Unlike her spotted cub, Lolo possesses and exhibits more dark pigmentation than a typical jaguar.

Mountain lion Black and white

Mountain Lion Cubs Wallpaper Baby Animals Animals Wallpapers) – Wallpapers For Desktop

Pictures of the day: 13 February 2012

Beautiful tiger #tigers

Tigers. Rawr!

Portrait of the "golden tabby" tiger by Tambako the Jaguar. A golden tabby tiger has an extremely rare color variation caused by a recessive gene and is currently only found in captive tigers.

Walkabout by Ion Moe  Get Cool Photos :  http://www.utm.io/184796

Velario,a male jaguar cub, rests after exploring the great outdoors at the San Diego Zoo.

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cheetah cub - would definitely take one of four of these as birthday presents. fucking precious!!! .c.

Cheetahs are my favorite animal, and this is the cutest pic of a cheetah cub I've ever seen!

Holy cow, this is so awesome!  White Lion is my favorite hair band, too!  This guy is just spectacular.

The White Lions are rare animals found in South Africa. They are not albinos, but a inherited scarcity, unique to one common region on the glob. Their white color is a result of rare color mutation of the Kruger breed of lion.

San Diego Zoo's Sumatran tiger cubs, Conrad, right, and Thomas, lower left, napping on their mother, Delta

Mama's boys Conrad and Thomas made their debut at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. You can see them on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.