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~` beautiful Andalusian horse `~ Reminds me of Silvering from the novel, Dagon's Blood beautiful horses

El rejoneo

SPAIN / ANDALUSIA / Horses -The Andalusian/Iberian Horse from Spain is used in all European riding disciplines, including bull fighting and classical riding.

Pasión a los caballos.

thelordismylightandmysalvation: “ Kalja Mayer Photography ” I don't find most white horses that pretty, this one is gorgeous.

shining spark, amazing quarter horse!

Shining Spark, Palomino Quarter Horse Stallion, One of the Finest, Breeding Stallion's of Reining, Cutting & Working Cow Horse's to ever live.

Corrida Guadalajara Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza

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☆ Simply fabulous! ☆

The famous 2 x National Champion, Sandokan IV (Molinete IV x Habana VIII x Valido). Bred by Luis Arenas Garcia and owned by Mario Contreras, nephew to my husband who trains this amazing animal&